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Recording artist GaBso is a well-known and popular singer-songwriter in Israel,

performing on stages for over fourteen years.

He has made a huge name for himself in a very short time,

Reaching third place at the first season of "Kochav Nolad " (eq. "American Idol") contest;

Winning first place at the "Song Festival of Israel";

Gaining titles such as "Discovery of the year", "Singer of the year", "Song of the year";

Creating four albums, three of them became "Gold records".

Eight of his singles hit the first place on the radio charts.

GaBso is now on the verge of finishing the work on his fifth album, an album in English.


Early life and career


GaBso (born in Israel at 20.7.84) started his career at the "Kochav Nolad" show (eq. "American Idol"),

where he gained third place on its first season (2003).

An 18 years old boy, who had become religious at the age of 12 out of his own accord,

ended the show with a proposal from the Israeli label NMC to release a single.

His first released single "Yom Veod Yomaim" ("Day and Two More Days") was written and composed by him,

and stayed at the top of the charts on all major radio stations in Israel for eight weeks.

It led to a recording contract and to GaBso's debut full-length album "Arim Roshi" ("I will lift my head"),

that was released six month later.

The album contained four radio hits that were no.1 on the radio charts for more than three months cumulatively that year,

and it sold successfully up to reaching a "Gold Record" status.

At the end of that year, GaBso was titled as "Singer of the year", "Discovery of the year",

and his first single was chosen as "Song of the year".


This was the beginning of the relationship between his audience and GaBso himself - a religious soldier at the heart of the mainstream (a phenomenon that had never occurred before), that frequently expressed his strong opinions.


In 2004, he won the first place at the "Song festival of Israel",

and continued performing between two to three performances per evening.


Two years later (2006), GaBso released his second full-length album "Bimkomi" ("Instead Of Me").

The album contained two songs that were no. 1 on the radio charts for two months,

and sold successfully up to reaching a "Gold Record" status.


Simultaneously with his albums and singles releases, GaBso also published some clips that were screen played by him

in collaborations with other directors.

He created a trilogy- three clips in the sequence, telling one story, fruit of his own vision.

GaBso also created an original video project called "Bendo- Bidiuk Be'ota Daka" ("Bendo - Just At That Moment").

It combines elements of a video clip with scene plays. GaBso created the video,

wrote the screenplay and plays throughout it.

His song "Bidiuk Be'ota Daka" heard throughout the video, was taken from a live performance.

In addition to that, GaBso accompanied his albums releases with successful concert tours.


At the height of his success, GaBso decided to drift away from the city,

and moved into a 25 acres house at a cooperative settlement.

His enigmatic figure continued to be reviewed by the public and the media.


In 2009 he released his third full-length album "Caravan".

In this album, GaBso shifted from the line of pop hits through which he won the heart of his audience,

and created a more intimate and political album.

The album echoed because it touched on political contents that were sensitive at that time in the Israeli society.

It also gained very good reviews, and sold successfully.


After a period of time, GaBso moved to Jerusalem and enrolled to study philosophy.

A six months strike at the University led him to move to Tel Aviv.

He started to study in the mornings in a "yeshiva" and performed at nights.


Between the releases of his third album and his fourth, GaBso drifted from marriage to divorce,

and from increasing "yeshiva" studies  to taking off the yarmulke at the end of many twists and a soul-searching relationship with god.

"I did not find intermediaries to God".


During those years GaBso has participated in numerous projects and collaborations in Israel,

he also recorded in Granada, Spain, and performed with his band in Europe and the USA.


In 2010 he established an ensemble called "Shulchan Le Echad" ("Table for one") with five Israeli musicians,

who live in Israel and the United States.

The band members put on a jam session - a show following the great artists who have left their imprint on the music world and are a great inspiration for them.

In those performances, GaBso wanted to create a different intimacy with the audience,

and chose to perform under a pseudonym.


During 2011, GaBso wrote a weekly column in an Israeli weekly newspaper called

"Makor Rishon" ("First source").


After three years of musical search, GaBso released in 2013 his fourth full-length album "Kol Ha Yamim" ("All Days").

This fourth album is bearing the name of one of the biggest hit it contains,

a song that also reached first place on the radio charts in Israel for five weeks.

GaBso has gained a long list of accolades in the media regarding this album.

The most popular news and entertainment web in Israel, Ynet, defined him as "The Voice of Generation Y".


As a religious, especially spoke to him the wonderful quote of Rabbi Kook:

"Don't close me in any cage- neither material, nor spiritual".

GaBso is considered as an artist who lives this way in his art and in his statements to the media.

This behavior didn't prevent media to keep embracing him,

and in 2013 he was chosen by "Pnay Plus Magazine" (eq. People Magazine) as one of the "50 Beautiful and the Right",

and in 2014 as one of the "20 Most Desirable Bachelors" .


GaBso's songs have become an important part of the Israeli soundtrack,

and he has reached the status of one of the most respected and intriguing artists in Israel.

His incessant search for inspiration and musical worlds, has led him to truly unique and original works of art.




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